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Low& (low-end)

1: Low-end - the fundamental part of a groove i.e. the punch and presence of a track - essentially the addictive warmth of a song where it gains its energy and power through low and centric sounds, within frequencies ranging from 20-250Hz.

2: Low& - the fusion of two creative musical minds with a combined 40 years of audio experience, one hailing from Brazil, the other from Germany. It is rumoured that both independently caught the same low-end signal some 18 years ago - it landed them on a shared spatial plane, otherwise known as ‘London’, whereupon they discovered a shared fascination in underground music and particularly deep and groovy frequencies.

Expect deep, dark, multi-dimensional, and extra-planetary basslines - a sound that defines its own laws of gravity, that resonates with the inner core of your body, and that both unites and carries the listener through multiple dimensions. Who knows which spatial plane you’ll land on?